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Why Tankless Water Heater - Tankless Water Heater Review

Enjoy endless hot water when you need it and reduce your hot water energy cost  by up to 60%! Join and enjoy the next generation of water heating with … The Tankless Water Heater Advantage!What is a Tankless Water Heater?Tankless Water Heater Review You might be wondering what a tankless water heater. Basically, it’s a space-saving, water-heating system that’s energy-efficient in heating water, only when it’s called for. This system can give you a never-ending stream of hot, clean water for any appliance you have. Every appliance can run at the same time using the hot water without any fluctuations in the temperature. Using an ecological Electric Tankless Water Heater will help you to:

- Decrease the carbon footprint you place on the planet

- Save water

- Conserve energy

- Lower the cost of your hot water bill by no more than 60 percentWhy tankless water heater not a tank type heater?

The biggest benefit review of a tankless water heater over a tank type heater

Endless Hot Water 

The biggest advantage to using a tankless water heater in your home is that you’ll never be out of hot water, when you really need it. 

Why tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters will warm up the water when it’s needed, which means there’s no shortage or storage of hot water. Just think about how nice it can be to take a long hot shower or fill up the bathtub or Jacuzzi with hot water without having to worry that the rest of the family won’t have any to use. How nice it is to finally have an equal supply of cold and hot water!

Higher Volume

If you’ve got a traditional water heater, you know that it’s got a limited supply of hot water. However, tankless water heaters can supply more than enough hot water…for any time you need it. The tankless water heaters we have include Eco Smart Heater features like Multi-System and Quick-Connect. What does it mean? It means our tankless water heaters can more than meet the demands of your home.Clean WaterHow does it work? The tankless water heater will heat the water up as it goes through the unit. Thus, no hot water is stored in a rusty tank. Keep in mind that traditional water heaters will rust as they age…even on the inside.  Would you really want to use hot water that’s been stored there?

Space Savings

The Eco Smart Heater tankless water heaters are compact in their design, which means you can install them anywhere you want. An obvious difference between conventional water heaters and tankless water heaters is the size. Eco Smart Heater tankless water heaters are found in various models such as ones you can mount:

- Inside

- Outside

- Wall

This reduces the space usually needed for conventional tanks. Energy Savings

If you’re still wondering why you need to get an Eco Smart Heater tankless water heater, think about the money you’d save by saving energy. There’s no need for a pilot light, which means you save money on your water heating bill thanks to the no re-heating of water.

Lasts Longer

These kinds of water heaters are quite durable, which means they’ll last longer than conventional tank water heaters. Best of all, they don’t need to be maintained on a regular basis. And, with the best warranty available in the industry, you can feel comfortable with our tankless water heaters. How exactly does the Tankless Water Heat work?The instant you need hot water, the tankless water heater begins to heat the water up. Conventional hot water heaters use a storage tank; but, there is no tank with the tankless units. Thus, there’s no heat loss with this kind of system. What is standby heat loss? 


This term, usually reserved when talking about conventional hot water heaters, is means wasted energy and loss of heat through stored tank water. The way to avoid standby heat loss is to use a tankless water heater, which are energy-efficient. 


It doesn’t matter of the tankless water heater is an entire-house unit or a point of use unit, as they work in the same exact way. Cold water flows through the heater and the heater exchanger, activated by a flow activated switch, heats up the water.  Now, this heat exchanger may be either: 

- Electric resistance heating coils

 - Gas fired burner (propane or natural gas) Gas units typically have additional heating capacity and the bigger whole-house units are usually powered by gas. What will my Tankless Water Heater look like? 

Your Tankless Water Heater will be so compact that it will not be much larger than your phone book, and therefore will easily mount to any wall and free up space in your house. As you mount your water heater, you will appreciate the easy “push-fit” connections used to install. 

How much money does a Tankless water Heater cost?

Yes, tankless water heaters cost nearly three times more than traditional tankless water heaters. Still, the energy you save more than pays for the system for a family of four.  Still, it’s a really good value despite the costs. They save you each and every day and provide you a high level of safety and performance and will last longer than normal hot water heater tanks.

Where can I buy your tankless water heaters?

When you’re in the market for another water heater, you should really consider the tankless water heater for your home. You’ll have a number of choices to go through based on the number of appliances and showers you tend to use all at one time.  You can purchase a smaller one and stagger its usage. Or, purchase a bigger model and use it anytime you need to… even if you need to use two hot water using items. 

If you have any question please do not hesitate to visit our site and we’ll be happy to help you choose a unit that is appropriate for your application.